I have been in graduate school for six years and some change. Hopefully, in the next month I will defend my dissertation (scheduling a two-hour meeting with five people is more challenging than you may think). In order to maintain my sanity, while I try to schedule the date, and to start to move on with my life, I decided to start a blog about reading, book reviews, favorite book quotations, and other book-related things. Before I entered graduate school, I liked to read. After entering graduate school, my desire to read slipped away. My attention span was shot. I started reading exciting and thrilling mysteries, and I would just stop. I figured that the good guys would catch the bad guys (whoever they were). Yeah, it was that bad.

This blog is a way to return to my book reading roots. I used to keep a reading journal, so my first few posts will be from reviews and whatnot that I wrote before entering graduate school, so I have time to start reading again. :) I figure you don't want to read a chapter by chapter review of whatever I am currently reading.

If you have found yourself in a non-reading zone like me, I hope that you find that reading is fun again too.

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