Rating Scale

I try to give an objective review of the books I read; however, in the end, the reviews are my opinion. The rating at the bottom of each review is probably the most subjective part of the review. My rating scale is based off of the GoodReads scale. I do not give 0.5s, because my ratings are kitties. I am not going to decapitate a kitty for a book.

One kitty – I did not care for this book.

Two kitties – Okay! Although there were things that I enjoyed in this book, the problems outnumbered them.

Three kitties Good! I consider three kitties to be average, and most books fit into this category. If I rate a book three kitties, it means that I enjoyed my time reading the book but I am probably not going to reread it.

Four kitties Very Good! This book was near-excellent; however, there are a few issues that kept it from reaching five kitties that I can't overlook. I probably want to keep this book on my shelf and reread this book, but it isn't guaranteed.

Five kitties Excellent! This book was fantastic and perfect (or almost perfect) in every way. This is a book that I want to keep forever and just keep rereading it over and over again.

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