TTT: Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read.

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week bloggers post a top ten list related to a specific theme. This week's theme is TTT: Top Ten Books I'm Not Sure I Want To Read. All links lead to GoodReads. 

I didn't really enjoy the first two books, but I feel obligated to finish the series.

I know everyone loves this series. I am just overwhelmed by the number of books in the series.

 This is another series that I started, but I have mixed feelings about completing. I am not a big fan of books with a lot of violence against women.

I like the premise of this series, but I keep hearing mixed reviews of it, so I don't know if I am going to read it.

I keep hearing great things about this book, but I am just having a hard time jumping on the bandwagon. I think too many people like it.

I hear good things about this book, but I am not a huge horror fan.

I want to read this series, but I hear that it isn't as amazing as the If I Stay/Where She Went duology, so I am hesitant to read it.

I have read a few mixed reviews of this series, so I am scared to read this book. I love all of her other books so much; I don't want that opinion to be spoiled.

This story doesn't capture me at all; however, I keep hearing amazing things about this book.

This book sounds like it would be useful to read, but it sounds a bit boring.

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