I love Mary Roach's writing style. I cannot stand most nonfiction, because I feel that the author tries to hide his/her opinion in third person narration. Mary Roach uses the "I" pronoun throughout the book and makes it quite clear when she is citing journal articles versus discussing her own opinion. With that said, this is not my favorite book of hers. I enjoyed Stiff (book about cadavers) much more. I think this lack of enjoyment with this book has to do with my own background. When I was in college, I studied the history of sexuality, so lots of the stuff that Roach discusses in this book was not new to me. I didn't find it as "rubbernecking" as Stiff. Also, because the subject is somewhat taboo, I felt that Roach used a lot of medical jargon to keep the book classy. Because I read lots of journal articles for a living, I found myself glazing over the information. Your mileage may vary, however. Roach writes very approachable books, and I know that I will read her other books in the future.

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