Hyperion Review

I just finished Hyperion, and surprisingly I loved it. Scifi books that take place primarily in space are normally not my cup of tea; however, this book was great. It follows the format of The Canterbury Tales with a frame story and each chapter having one of the characters tell his/her own story. You could theoretically read each of the stories alone, but it is all of them together that explains the tale of Hyperion and the Shrike. I wish that I had an annotated version of this book, because the literary references litter every single page. I feel like if I reread this book after reading all of the literary references in this book, my mind would be blown. I do have one word of warning though. The book ends on a major cliffhanger, so if you start the book and decide it is your cup of tea (apparently this book is somewhat polarizing on who likes it and who doesn't), have The Fall of Hyperion at the ready. 

Like most of the books I read right now, the Sword and Laser show (Geek & Sundry youtube channel) used this book in their monthly book club and discuss it on their show.

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