On the Road Review

I am so glad I finished this book! I have always wanted to know what all the fuss was about, but it was really boring. Sal went from NY to LA then back to NY and then back to LA and then back to NY and then to Mexico and then back to NY. It was a nice drifter type story, but it wasn't as shocking or thought-provoking as I hoped. Maybe it takes more to shock people nowadays. It would be cool to travel across the US, but I would like health insurance and a little money in my pocket. I do envy the characters' ability to simply go with the flow all the time. It was nice to read about people so free. I guess I am a person who desires something to climax in a book whether it is plot or character driven and nothing of the sort really happens here. I guess that is the point but I would like more. I am glad I read it though because it is one of those defining books. It is the book to read of the Beat Generation. Now I know not to read any other Beat works. I felt the book was a diary and I could not emotionally connect with the characters. I was just reading a list of events in theirs lives and nothing more.

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