The Magicians

I hadn't heard much about this book except that it was like Harry Potter, but if he had gone to college and drank beer instead of going to Hogwarts and drinking butterbeer. At times I found the references to various vices from alcohol to sex a bit tiring (yes! the characters are college students and figuring out their lives! we get it!); however, these references are necessary, because the book is about people coming of age and discovering who they are and figuring out their lives. About 3/4 of the book is character development and getting to know the characters. The actual action/plot movement doesn't happen until the very end. There were several plot threads that didn't seem like they were going to weave together, but they did in the end. It was nice to see random bits of plot come together. I found the protagonist a bit tiring but then again he was acting like a stereotypical 20-year-old, and I really couldn't fault him for that. I think most people would classify this book as a "coming of age" book; however, I don't really think that the protagonist "came of age" by the end of the book. I have started the next book in the series (Magician King), and I am excited to discover whether the protagonist has grown at all since the last book or if he will grow during this one.

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