Review: The Anatomist's Apprentice

The Anatomist's Apprentice
The Anatomist's Apprentice by Tessa Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a fun change of pace from my typical mystery novel that I read.

What I Liked:
1. The book is like a CSI show (well actually more Quincy: ME) before television was invented. I liked how [a:Tessa Harris|1914809|Tessa Harris|] set the story at a time where forensic science was just getting started, because it shows the reader how easy it was to get away with murder back in the day.

2. Thomas was a fun protagonist: sweet and a sucker for a pretty lady. I could see myself reading more books about him. He wasn't the gritty PI or the aloof detective of other mystery novels who can sometimes become tiresome.

3. After the whodunnit aspect was figured out, the mystery was nice and tidy. It was the right level of complicated. It all seemed quite reasonable too, and if one cared to, I feel that a person could have figured it out.

What I Didn't Like:

1. Sometimes I was confused about what was going on in a scene (who was where). I feel that this is a new author kink that will get worked out in time.

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