Sunday Update

My move to up north is almost here! My husband and I start the drive on Tuesday with a kitty that doesn't like to be in a car. Fun times ahead! Anyway, let's get to the books.


Storm Riders - 22% completed - Nothing to see here. Keep moving.

Ringworld - 60% completed - Just keep swimming is my mantra for this book. I am reading it, but I am not reading the book carefully anymore. My goal is just to finish the book.

Social Media Metrics for Dummies - 24% completed - This book is proving to be very educational and useful. I am learning a ton about how to track different statistics about my blog and twitter feed and what the statistics mean.

Tongues of Serpents - 28% completed - I love reading about Temeraire and Laurence's adventures. This time they are in Australia and causing trouble and pushing dragon rights. :)

Cat Sense - 20% completed - Since I got my cute kitty a little over a year ago, I have wanted to learn more about cats. This book looked like just what I wanted. It is interesting so far.

Fun! Entertainment! Randomness!

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