Girl with the Pearl Earring Review

I just finished Girl with the Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. I can understand why the movie based on this book was so bad. The story is interesting enough but would not translate well to the big screen. The majority of the story happens in the mind of the heroine Griet. The plot was interesting enough but on the whole it was bland and used stereotypical plot devices. Girl and mother detest Griet (a maid) and make life difficult for her with very little explanation as to why. The fighting causes the story/plot to move forward but there is no way a resolution can truly occur because there is no reason for a conversation about why the two women hate Griet. The ending seemed forced.(Next is a bunch of spoilers.) The ending like the entire book was Griet settling. She never opened up and felt happy. She didn't even like being painted. She lived her entire life being unhappy in a bland written book.

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