Review: Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter: 25 More Pedigree Pooches

Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter: 25 More Pedigree Pooches
Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter: 25 More Pedigree Pooches by Sally Muir

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First Impressions: I must admit that I have a love for knitting books that focus on toys and other small items. Little knitting items are wonderful, because (1) they are tiny (and tiny items are always cute), (2) they use up all the scraps of yarn that you have in your knitting basket, and (3) they are super fast to knit up. I can just imagine knitting up an army of lifelike dogs and bright pink and blue dogs in just a few weeks!

The Details: This book contains 25 adorable patterns of knitted dogs. There are 6 toy dogs (the Shih Tzu is my favorite), 4 utility dogs (I loved the Greyhound), 6 terriers (the Cain Terrier Yorkshire Terrier and the Airdale Terrier are super cute), 4 gun dogs (the pointer is adorable), and 5 working dogs (I really liked all of them).

Each dog is knitted in pieces and then sewn together. The patterns do a good job of describing how to sew and shape each dog, so they look like their namesakes.

Knit Your Own Dog recommends Rowan Yarn; however, the book even states that any yarn (of any size) can be used. I appreciate knitting books that recommend certain yarns (so if I want my project to look just like the picture in the book they will) but also encourage the knitter to try other yarns (I don't like it when books guilt me into buying hard-to-find yarns or out-of-my budget yarns).

Final Impressions: This book is super cute. I love all of the dogs, and I cannot wait to start knitting lots of dogs in all the colors of the rainbow. There is a decent amount of variety in the types of dogs, so I feel like I won't get bored while knitting through the book.

This review copy of Knit Your Own Dog: The Second Litter was kindly donated by Black Dog and Leventhal Publishers.

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