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The Sunday Post Because I am organizing my posts a bit better (and by a bit, a mean a ton), I feel that I can start participating in the Caffeinated Book Reviewer's Sunday Post meme! I actually know what I am going to post each week! Can you believe it? Crazy, I know!

This week has been a bit of a bummer. My credit card number got stolen and then a few days later my Amazon account got hacked. I have spent the last couple of days changing all of my passwords. Ugh.

To make matters even worse, I had some book blogging-related drama. Hopefully, it has been dealt with. I apologize if you saw any inappropriate comments. At this time, all comments need to be held for moderation. This is just to ensure that a particular person and his colleagues do not continue to post. Nothing untoward has happened in the last few days, so I am hoping that he has found better things to do with his time than bother me. Until I feel more confident that he is going to leave me alone, however, I will have to continue to moderate the comments.

Last Week on the Blog

This Week on the Blog
Monday: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs: Audio Book Review
Tuesday: TTT: Top 10 Books That Will Make You Swoon
Wednesday: Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris: Audio Book Review
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday: How Do You Rate Books Not Intended For You?
Friday: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber: Audio Book Review

Around the Blogosphere

First Book Syndrome: My Thoughts...Literally wrote a post about common problems first books in trilogies have. There are also some great cat gifs.

My College Experience versus College in Books: A Comparison: Book.Blog.Bake discussed what college was like for her and how college is like in a few popular books.

Male versus Female POV in YA: Greg from Book Haven talks about POVs in YA books.

Sony Store Is Closing: Books on the Knob (blog listing e-book discounts) goes into some detail about how to manage this if you have a Sony E-Reader.

Book Haul  

From Giveaways

Be With Me by J Lynn

I received Be With Me by J Lynn from Wendy at Book Scents: Wendy's Book Blog.

The Archived by Victoria Schwab

I am so happy about my one purchase this week! I snagged The Archived by Victoria Schwab. As of writing this post, it was still only $0.99 on Amazon (US only). From what I understand, this is the going price across e-book stores, so go pick it up!

Currently Reading

Days of Blood & Starlight: I must admit that although I loved the writing in Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I found the story a bit lacking. I felt like there was no closure at the end of the book. Now that I am reading book two in this series, I have begun to think differently about the first book and this series. I am imaging these books as one large book that just so happened to be broken up into three books (like the Lord of the Rings trilogy) instead of three stories that have an overarching arc (like the Magicians series). With this new perspective, I am enjoying this series immensely. However, I am still not a fan of Akiva. I think Karou can do better. Maybe he will do something in this book to impress me.

A Dance with Dragons: I recently discovered that I am woefully at the beginning of this book due to my current listening habits. Although I said I was going to switch to the e-book before, I am really going to do this now. Without a long commute or drive happening anytime soon, the audio book will be painfully long.

Read This Week

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin
Lyra's Oxford by Philip Pullman 
Once Upon a Time in the North by Philip Pullman
Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen
The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan

Wicked Valentine's Read-a-Thon

The Wicked Valentine's Read-a-thon has been quite productive for me so far! I have finished The Tropic of Serpents and Sense & Sensibility. I am looking forward to completing the challenges and meeting new readers this week! :)

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