Thoughtful Thursday: Rereading Books

Thoughtful Thursday

It is time for Thoughtful Thursday and the bookish questions that pop up while I am reading. Please share your thoughts on the bookish question of the week. I am curious to hear what you have to say! There are no wrong answers. Questions about Thoughtful Thursday or future Thoughtful Thursday posts? Check out my Thoughtful Thursday section. Alright, on to the question!

Do you reread books? Is it a priority or a tradition for you?

I used to reread books all of the time up until a few years ago. I think I reread The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C Wrede and the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder books probably once per year when I was younger. I think in the last few years, I have read or listened to the Harry Potter series at least four times. I've noticed that recently, however, outside of doing a reread of the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger, I haven't reread any other books (at least that I can remember).

I started wondering why I don't reread books as much. I think there are two main reasons for this, and both reasons are Internet related! First, with the discovery of GoodReads and a couple of online book clubs, my TBR list lengthened substantially.  Before GoodReads, I journeyed aimlessly on Amazon, at my library, and at the bookstore. I didn't know what to read. I would sometimes read books on top 100 lists, but these books wouldn't always hold my interest. GoodReads and the Sword & Laser book club really helped me find books that I wanted to read (i.e., SF&F). I suddenly didn't have the time to reread books, because there were so many other books that I desperately needed to read! Second, I put a bit of pressure on myself to post a certain number of reviews each month. This pressure is my own doing. As of right now, I have scheduled a decent number of posts, so maybe I will have a bit of leeway to reread some old favorites. Of course that means that I need to sacrifice the massive TBR pile. I am not sure that I can do that! ;)

Now it is your turn! Do you reread books? Is it a priority or a tradition for you?

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