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Hi everyone! You are probably wondering what is up, because I am posting a random post at an abnormal time! I have noticed a lot of people talking about feeling frustrated that bloggers don't respond to their comments and the like. Well, this talk made me think that I should share something with you, because I only realized this a month or so ago.

If you have a Blogger blog and use the Blogger commenting system, your readers may not be getting your comments. Is this blowing your mind, because it blew my mind when I read an article about how to respond to comments on a Blogger blog. If you have a blogger blog and use the blogging system, you should go read that article. Seriously. After reading the article, I tested this, and I realized that the article was correct. I was horrified that I spent so much time responding to comments, and no one was probably reading them! I mean I only read comments, if I get an email about a comment response.

It was for this reason that I switched commenting systems. Even if you are not very Internet savvy, it is really each to switch systems. Disqus and IntenseDebate are both free. There are other systems too, but these two are the biggest systems out there. I first tried Disqus, and I loved it. The system was really clean and sharp. Plus, Disqus will email people when you respond to their comments. On my control panel, I was able to see stats regarding the number of comments I got. It was great. Unfortunately, AVAST likes to block Disqus, so people couldn't comment and it was a disaster. There are some easy fixes for this, but it requires your readers to have the desire to do a tiny bit of troubleshooting. For this reason, I switched to IntenseDebate.

IntenseDebate isn't as pretty as Disqus, but it allows people to include a blog post and they can login in with WordPress, IntenseDebate, Twitter, or Facebook (if you as the moderator allow it). It is very easy to block an IP or account, if you need to do that. I never had to do this with Disqus, so I don't know about Disqus' capabilities. IntenseDebate will also email people when you respond to comments.

If you are happy with the Blogger commenting system that is cool. I just wanted to share this. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact me. :) Alright, ramble is over. :)

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