About Me

About Me

I am a 30-something, married graduate student who is desperately trying to finish her dissertation in clinical psychology. I live in Pennsylvania now, but I have lived in a variety of places including Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and Florida. I miss the warm weather that Puerto Rico and Florida had!

I started blogging, because I wanted a way to track my reading progress. Now I blog to track my reading progress and to share my love of favorite books and series. I have loved meeting so many cool people through blogging and Twitter (I think I am officially addicted to Twitter). My husband knows that if I on my phone, I am either looking at Feedly or Twitter.

About Reading Is Fun Again

I read all sorts of books; however, I especially love reading science fiction and fantasy books. I like imagining new and exciting new worlds and places. Because I am a knitter, I also enjoy reading a good craft book too. This means that although I review a variety of books on this blog, you are predominately going to find science fiction and fantasy books. I use a kitty for my rating system, because I have an adorable kitty name Lunabelle who demands that the world revolves around her.

Types of Posts

Here are the types of posts that you will find on my blog:

Sunday: Sunday Update (includes weekly book haul)
Monday: Book Review, Audio Book Review, Monthly Update, or Read-a-Thon Post
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday (meme)
Wednesday: Book Review, Audio Book Review, Monthly Update, or Read-a-Thon Post
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday (discussion post about a bookish topic)
Friday: Book Review, Audio Book Review, Monthly Update, or Read-a-Thon Post

Favorite Posts

Thoughtful Thursday Posts
Completing Book Series
Rating Books Not Intended for You
Guilty Pleasure Books

Book Reviews
Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken
The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan

Blog's Statistics

Here is a brief overview of Reading Is Fun Again's statistics via Google Analytics for February 2014:

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Unique visitors: 501
Pageviews: 2039
% New Visits: 35.11%

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