Thoughtful Thursday: Protagonists & Gender

Thoughtful Thursday
It is time for Thoughtful Thursday and the bookish questions that pop up while I am reading. Please share your thoughts on the bookish question of the week. I am curious to hear what you have to say! There are no wrong answers. Questions about Thoughtful Thursday or future Thoughtful Thursday posts? Check out my Thoughtful Thursday section. Alright, on to the question!

Do you prefer to read books with a male or female protagonist? Does the author's gender matter?

If you saw my review yesterday, it will probably not come as a surprise that I prefer to read books with female protagonists. I don't base my reading choices on the gender of the protagonist; however, I definitely settle more easily into books with female protagonists. Let me explain why this is.

When I was a teen, there weren't all of these YA books. After growing out of children/middle grade books, I jumped into adult books, mainly SF&F. Most of the books that I read had male protagonists. The stories were fun, but I was keen to find protagonists that was female like me. Nowadays, you can't throw a stone in the SF&F section (especially the YA SF&F section) without hitting a book with a female protagonist. I know lots of folks want to see more YA books with male protagonists, and I can totally see their point. Most YA books have female protagonists. At the same time, I remember the days when it wasn't so easy to find those types of books. Wow, I feel so old.

In regards to the author's gender, it doesn't really matter to me. I read books with male protagonists written by female authors and books with female protagonists written by male authors and vice versa. Back in the day, I would have probably told you that I prefer male protagonists written by male authors and female protagonists written by female authors; however, now I have discovered that a lot of authors that I thought were men were actually women (and a few vice versa). Nowadays, if the book is well written, I am happy. 

Now it is your turn! Repeat Question.

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