April Update

Monthly Update
This has been one wacky month. I have been doing lots of school stuff, applying to jobs, and feeling sorry for myself. I was probably feeling sorry for myself more than anything. Anyway, things are on the up! School stuff is moving in the right direction (I think). I have secured a small little job that will help the budget and will let me work in a nice little office (I am in a small college town, so jobs are a bit scarce, and I was terrified that I was going to have to work in food services, serving food is not in my skill set). Things are looking good. Even the awful cold that I have had this week is finally on its way out. 

Did I mention that I completed A Dance with Dragons?!?! Yeah, I think it is time to celebrate. :)

Fun Bookish Links (Previously Shared on Twitter and Google+)
Wowzers. I need to review more books this year!

2014 Series Challenge!: - 6/3
I am hoping to bring this number of a little higher. I am only three books away from completing the Sookie Stackhouse series!

Whoo hoo! I rocked this challenge!

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