Sunday Update - 8/3

Welcome to my edition of the Caffeinated Book Reviewer's Sunday Post meme. Check out what I have been doing this week (and will do next week).    

Gosh. Last week was so such a fail week in terms of the blog. I was supposed to update my Thoughtful Thursday meme and do a post Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You may have noticed that I only ended up doing posts on Wednesday and Thursday. Last weekend, I had a training for one of my part-time jobs, and it just wore me out. This past week, I spent every moment working or napping. The idea of blogging just seemed exhausting. Most days I just wanted to give up on the blog, but I knew that was the sleepiness talking. 

Now that I have caught up on sleep, and I am not spending every minute working or sleeping, everything seems a bit more manageable. This week, I need to work on a blogging schedule that fits the life I am living now (once that involves me working full-time-ish). I also need to work on a blogging schedule that fits in time for commenting on blogs, because I really miss that aspect to the book blogging community. I feel like I am just treading water with blogging and not exploring the waters or at least doing laps in a pool. It is about a year, since I started blogging. I guess I am ripe for changing up my blogging technique.

This Week on the Blog
Sunday: Sunday Update - 8/3
Monday: The Princess Bride by William Goldman
Tuesday: TTT: Top Ten Books I'd Give To Readers Who Have Never Read Graphic Novels
Wednesday: The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman: Review & Giveaway
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday: Reading Slumps
Friday: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King: Audio Book Review

Book Haul 
No new books this week. :(
Currently Reading
Sailor Moon vol 4 by Naoko Takeuchi: My library has the first six volumes of this series (there are 12 books in the series plus two volumes of short stories and two volumes devoted to Sailor V), and I think I am going to have to beg the library to get the rest of the series. The new series has inspired me to try the manga, and I am loving it. I wish I had more income, just so I could pick up this entire series!

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King: I was supposed to finish this series this past week, but I haven't had time to listen to it. I have less than three hours left, so I am planning on finishing it soon. 

The Magician's Land by Lev Grossman: I started this book on Friday, and I am loving it. There is going to be a heist! Also, I am loving getting back into this world. It is a clever combination of Harry Potter, Narnia, and something new and unique.

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