Thoughtful Thursday: Final Book

Thoughtful Thursday

It is time for Thoughtful Thursday and the bookish questions that pop up while I am reading. Please share your thoughts on the bookish question of the week. I am curious to hear what you have to say! There are no wrong answers. Questions about Thoughtful Thursday or future Thoughtful Thursday posts? Check out my Thoughtful Thursday section. Alright, on to the question!

Have you avoided reading a final book in a series or chapter or "forgot" what happened in a final book or chapter, because the ending displeased you?

There are several movie series that I cannot watch anymore, because I hated the final movie so much. I have a hard time watching X-Men and X-Men 2, because I disliked X-Men 3 so much. I have this same issue with television series, but the feeling isn't as strong. I can usually still watch the seasons that I liked and just pretend the seasons that I didn't like never happened. Usually a season will wrap up just nice enough that I can imagine it is the series finale instead of just a little, old season finale. 
Interestingly, I have never hated a final book or chapter so much that I despised the book series like I do television shows and movies. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely final books and chapters that were disappointing to me; however, I never felt as passionate about them as I do movies and televisions shows. I think the reason that I typically don't despise final books and final chapters is that if I made it through an entire book or series without DNFing, then I have emotionally connected enough with the book and author, that I am willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt about where the story is going. In other words, by the time that I get to the final book/chapter, I am willing to go where the author leads me. When it comes to movies and television shows, the writers just haven't completely sold me just yet. :)

Now it is your turn! Have you ever avoided reading a final book or chapter?

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