TTT: Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week bloggers post a top ten list related to a specific theme. This week's theme is Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island.

1. & 2. Katniss and Peeta (The Hunger Games series)

Katniss and Peeta know all sorts of mad wilderness skills, so I know that they could hold their own. I would prefer to get Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games, not Mockingjay, because they were a bit more well-adjusted in the first book.

3. & 4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) and Princess/Queen Cimorene (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles)

I want Hermione and Cimorene on the island with me, because they both know magic and magic is always helpful.

5. The Cast from Galapagos

I must admit that I don't remember too much about Galapagos; however, the characters survived some crazy event and then evolved into seal-like people (or something). This evolution thing seems useful. Okay, I could look up the plot on Wikipedia, but I am going to go with my poor recollection of this book.

6. Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)

Sherlock Holmes knows all sorts of stuff. He could come up with a way to make a hut out of palm fronds and saliva. 

7. Karana (Island of the Blue Dolphins)

Karana lives on an island for years all by herself after her tribe moves away and she gets left behind. Karana will have all sorts of good island-living knowledge.

8. Edward Cullen (Twilight)

A vampire isn't the best person to have on a small island; however, a vampire is super strong. A super strong person is pretty handy on a deserted island. I figure that Edward would find something non-human to feed on.

9. & 10. Captain Will Laurence & Temeraire (Temeraire series)

So if the island isn't super fun and cozy, Laurence and Temeraire will be extremely helpful for getting off the island. Temeraire, if you didn't know, is a dragon and he can fly long distances with lots of people on his back.

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