Sunday Update

Today was a very exciting day. The last box was unpacked! All we have left to do is hang mirrors and pictures. Thank goodness. I was beginning to feel like we were going to live with boxes forever. Our cat Lunabelle would have been totally okay with that though. Now that life is getting back to normal (thank goodness), reading will follow along at a faster pace. Eek. Now that I am writing this, I am noticing that Tuesday Blood of Tyrants comes out. I better get a move on with that ARC, so I can post my review ASAP.


Blood of Tyrants -- Because this is an ARC, I am keeping my thoughts on hold until I read the entire book.

Crucible of Gold -- 29% completed -- I get it that Temeraire is a young dragon and makes bad decisions some times, but jeez! Temeraire! He drives me crazy when he knows better and purposefully does the wrong thing.

Social Media Metrics for Dummies -- 24% completed -- I am really enjoying reading this book. The subject material isn't super exciting, but I am finding the book super helpful for improving my online presence.

Storm Riders -- 22% completed --  This book is on the back burner right now. :(

Fun! Entertainment! Randomness!

io9 just had a great article about women and comic books. Everyone should read it, including you! Check it out here.

One of my favorite games is Forbidden Island. It is a cooperative game that involves a bit of strategy and luck, and you can change the difficulty level without compromising game mechanics. The "sequel" just came out a few weeks ago. It is called Forbidden Desert, and it looks awesome. These games might not look like much at first, but Forbidden Island (and I am sure Forbidden Desert as well) is tons of fun and has great replay value.

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