Wednesday Update

It seems to be another quiet week here in Pennsylvania. I don't know why I have less time for books than I did when I was working full time. I guess errands and whatnot are taking up my life right now. This does not mean I am going to slow down the blog though. I made a new rule that I need to read for at least an hour every day. I feel that I can take time out of my busy HGTV watching schedule. :) The House Hunter show just keeps drawing me in!


I am only reading one book right now, Happy Hour in Hell. I want to keep the review quiet until September 3rd, but I will say it is a ton of fun right now. Our favorite angel, Bobby Dollar, is in a hot locale right now, if you get my meaning. I wonder what trouble is going to follow him next!

Randomness! Entertainment! Fun!

Chains is my new favorite website. You name each chain something that you want to get done every day, and you click on it once you get the item done. You want to grow your chain as long as possible. The idea is not to break the chain. It is helping with the dissertation work. 

My other favorite website is from Animal Planet. See live animals being cute! There are puppies, kittens, fish, birds, and other animals. I love watching the kittens when I am feeling stressed.

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