Sunday Update...on Monday

My Sunday Update keeps happening on Monday. I might have officially change it. Now that I am not working, my days are blurring into one another. Monday might be a better day for this. Hmmm.


As you may have noticed, I finished some books last week! I read several craft books last Friday; however, reviews for those books will be posted on their publication dates. Speaking of ARCs, I am currently reading Happy Hour in Hell. I had mixed feelings about the first book; however, I am enjoying this book. I think Tad Williams reworked the first person narrative somehow, because it doesn't make me want to scream and throw the book across the room. Happy Hour in Hell comes out at the beginning of September, so my talking about this book shouldn't be too frustrating. :)

Entertainment! Excitement! Randomness!

Living in the North is inspiring me to knit more, so here are some of my favorite knitting books:

Anything by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (knitting fiction and nonfiction)



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