Sunday Update

Check this out! I am posting my Sunday Update on Sunday. :) Life is starting to fall into a normal humdrum pattern now. I am blocking out time for reading and posting.


I just focused on finishing Happy Hour in Hell, which I finished just a few minutes ago. I will post my review on September 3rd (release day); however, I will say that I enjoyed the writing more in this book than the first, The Dirty Streets of Heaven. I did have a few problems with it, but if you enjoyed the first book, you will enjoy this one too.

Now that I done with an ARC that needed to be completed ASAP, I am going back to the Sword & Laser pick for August, The Curse of Chalion. Hopefully, I will remember what was happening in the book when I pick it up again!

Fun! Randomness! Entertainment!

I have picked up my knitting again, and I decided to pick up my knitting blog too. Feel free to check it out here.

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