Sunday Update!

My Birthday Weekend is slowly coming to an end. It has been lots of fun. I received Forbidden Desert, and my husband and I played lots of board games. I wasn't a big board game as a kid, but I am really enjoying cooperative board games as an adult.


I am pushing through my to read list. I got some GoodReads First Reads books reviewed, and now I just need to focus on some NetGalley books that I recently agreed to review. I sadly did not receive an ARC of Parasite by Mira Grant. This just gives me time to finish the Newsflesh trilogy and the accompanying novellas.

I am listening to Fool Moon by Jim Butcher right now, and I am liking it okay. Harry Dresden annoys me at times, but I am warming up to him a bit. I think he is finally learning to trust other people and give other people information that they need. I think once he learns this lesson, I won't hate him as much. James Marsters does the readings, and I love it. I think it is why I keep listening to the books.

Fun! Randomness! Entertainment!

Here is a link to all the cute animals that you would ever want to see.

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