Sunday Update!

I must admit that I have been feeling quite productive on the reading and blogging side of things. Have you been enjoying the regular blogging? How about the new template? I am not totally wild about the headers, but I like that book on the top of the page. We will have to see, if I continue to feel cozy with the template.

I had been doing good with reading down my galleys and ARCs, but I was a bit silly recently and requested a few new books. Don't get me wrong, I don't request galleys that I don't think I have the time to read or the interest to read; however, galley reading can sometimes keep me from the long list of books I have been meaning to read. Newsflesh trilogy (I loved Feed, and I need to finish the series), Abbadon's Gate, and the Kingkiller Chronicles, I am looking at you! Of course, one of the galleys that I am hoping to get my hands on is a Mira Grant book, so the world of reading and reviewing is somewhat balanced.


Since I have moved, I don't listen to audiobooks constantly. I am trying to incorporate them into my new life with cable television. ;) I started the third Sookie Stackhouse book (Club Dead) while getting ready for bed, and I got hooked. I found myself choosing listening to the audiobook over watching television the next day. I finished the book in about a day. I think the novelty of cable television is wearing off, and I am finding myself pulled back into the world of books. I must admit that Sookie Stackhouse is a bit more entertaining that HGTV.

Since returning from vacation, my reading of The Republic of Thieves has slowed down. The book is a bit on the long side at over 800 pages, and my eagerness is starting to fade. I am really enjoying the "present day" story, but the flashback (as usual) is not holding my interest. The flashback is interesting, but because I know vaguely everything is going to work out (there would be no present story otherwise), my interest wanes when I read those sections.

I also just picked up My Planet by the fabulous Mary Roach. I have read two of Roach's books (Stiff! and Bonk!), and when I saw this book I just had to pick it up. Roach has a great writer's voice and makes me laugh out about the must mundane things.

Fun! Randomness! Entertainment!

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