Sunday Update!

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I cannot believe it is almost the end of September! Fall is most certainly upon us. This is the first real Fall that I have experienced in a long time, and I am starting to get worried about the drop in temperature that will start to happen. Hopefully, I can pump out some more knitted items, so I can stay toasty warm.


I am still reading Battle Magic and Year Zero. Battle Magic isn't my cup of tea, but it is interesting enough that I am going to push through. I feel that it is going to get more interesting very soon (the characters have just traveled to a new city, so the adventure hook is in sight).

I am less that 1.5 hours from completing Year Zero, I am planning on finishing that tonight, while my husband is watching the Breaking Bad finale on television tonight. I am extra motivated tonight to finish the book, because I want to return to the land of vampires and Sookie Stackhouse. I am a sucker for the Sookie Stackhouse audio books, and now that I am so close to finishing Year Zero, nothing can stop me from getting back to Sookie.

Blogging Tips

This weekend I have started to work on my two blogs a bit. As a reader, you probably haven't noticed much of a change; however, on my end, there have been lots of changes! I purchased my blogs' domain names, so I don't need to have blogspot in the address anymore. I love the professional look of just having .com at the end of my website name.

Plus, I got email addresses for my blogs, so I am slowly moving my contact information to those email addresses. I love this, because now if a domain email address starts getting lots of spam, I can just turn off the email address, and I still have full use of my original gmail address. As an added bonus, I can have a ton of domain email addresses, so I can see exactly where people are contacting me from.

Finally, I got Google+ pages for both Reading Is Fun Again and Silver Arrow Knits! There isn't much on there now, but they will start to get filled up soon, so if you are a Google+ fan, check them out!


Alysia said...
October 3, 2013 at 7:38 PM

Congrats on getting rid of YEAH!!! I need to update my blogs email inbox. It's too full. ARGH! And I have not put any (I mean ANY) effort into G+ yet. Maybe the next Bloggiesta. Great month!!

Unknown said...
October 3, 2013 at 8:43 PM

Because I am still on Blogger, it is super easy to post things to Google+. However, I am not using it to its full capabilities yet. I am still working out what should get posted to my Twitter feed versus Google+ versus the blog.

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