Wednesday Update!

Things have been quiet here in the new household. The last box got unpacked over the weekend, and all we have left to do is put up pictures. I am quite wacky when it comes to hanging pictures though. I want everything measured and centered. It drives my husband a bit crazy. A few weeks ago, we were with my mother and she mentioned hanging some pictures a few months earlier and how much time she spent measuring and centering the pictures. I immediately turned to my husband and said, "see! It isn't just me." :)

With our new apartment, my husband and I get free expanded cable. This means we get two of my favorite channels: HGTV and SyFy. A bonus is that they are right next to each other! I keep going between House Hunters and FaceOff. Hopefully, the love of more cable than I have had in years will slowly start to dissipate, because it is sucking the life out of me. How many shows can I watch about buying a home in one day?

I am mainly focused on reading Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novik right now, because the book came out on Tuesday. I should have a review for you soon. I would also like to note that I have read some other books recently, but they are ARCs and I am holding off on posting them until publication day. I am reading! Honest!

Fun! Randomness! Entertainment!

 Here is a cute picture of my kitty, because cuteness is a type of randomness. :)

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