Sense & Sensibility Links & Reminder

2014 Jane Austen Challenge
In one month, it will be time for everyone to post their comments and reviews of Sense & Sensibility for the 2014 Jane Austen Challenge! I will post my review of Sense & Sensibility on February 28th, and there will be a linky for your posts. 

In order to inspire folks and to get you excited about the book, if you haven't read it yet (like me!), I have found some great book-related links.  I was surprised how little I found when I did a scan of the Internet about Sense & Sensibility. I am guessing I am going to find tons of information about Pride & Prejudice, because it is the most popular of Austen's books.

Enjoy the links and then get reading! :)

Need to Read Sense & Sensibility?

Scanned copy of the original Sense & Sensibility

Free audio book of Sense & Sensibility

Need an adaptation or more stories in the world of Sense & Sensibility?

Movie adaptations of Sense & Sensibility 
I didn't realize that From Prada to Nada was an adaptation of Sense & Sensibility!

Need more information about Sense & Sensibility?

Map of all of the places in Sense & Sensibility

Wikipedia Sense & Sensibility page

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